We’re all in!

We’re all in!


We’re all-in! What does that mean? It means that Andrew and I entered our first international photography contest last week. The Shoot & Share Contest is held annually and photographers from around the world submit their photos.

For the contest, being “All-In” means we both submitted the maximum number of entries allowed – 50 each! We can’t share our entries with you right now, but you can go and vote in the contest. Anyone can vote at http://contest.shootandshare.com/vote.

Here’s how Shoot & Share describes the contest voting: “View the photos randomly and vote for your favorites. No one knows who took the photos, but everyone votes for the winners. Most votes wins.” Pretty cool.

Here’s the deal, this year, 225,207 photos were submitted! That’s a pretty big field of photography. It’s actually pretty improbable that we’ll even see one of our photos when we vote.

So, you probably won’t see our photos and might not even know it’s ours unless you’re in it, but, please, take part. Go vote in the contest. It’s fun and you’ll see some great images. Warning – voting can become addictive!